The Reset

We understand the Problem

Our current system of business ownership is not “right”.  It is just the system that we are used to doing.  One preferred and advanced by an extremely small minority to leverage the majority. This system of “doing” business has caused the very inequality that will destroy our communities.

We have the Solution

It is well within our power to build a world in which the vast majority of entrepreneurs (We The People) wake up every single morning feeling fiscally secured and inspired without the stress of competition via advanced technology and sharing.

Building Risk Capital the right way has been designed to help you build risk capital to position yourself in building a power financial legacy during this massive wealth transfer.

FACT: To create wealth, secure retirement, and have financial freedom, you must have a system.

It has been proven time and time again. Systems work and people fail. If you are seeking true security, prosperity, and financial freedom our revenue sharing system will revolutionize the way you think about saving and investing your money.

The Risk Capital Blueprint

Interact completely with the chatbot on this page. During the exchange you will be asked a series of questions which will prompt you to enter information used to register your account. After a successful registration we will assign you a Peer Agent ID which is typically the first part of your email address you provided during the registration process.

As NEW members complete Step 1, we will assign each member with a minimum of two newly registered members.

After the PeerLegacy Project launch date, each member will be notified to upgrade their free account to a paid account of $100 per month giving each member access to the community investment tools and products available in the shop.

All upgraded paid members will receive a generous bonus of $50 per month for the lifetime of each member they refer to the PeerLegacy Project using their assigned Peer Agent ID.  

In addition, you will receive a $5 per month bonus for each of your referred member’s referrals.

Eg. If you personally refer 30 paid members then you will receive $1,500 per month (30 x $50 = $1,500).  

Exponential growth is what makes the PeerLegacy Project so special!

Let’s say your 30 referrals did exactly what you did and referred 30 paid members each.  

30 x 30 = 900 members x $5 = $4,500 per month team bonus paid to YOU!

You will now receive a total of $5,900 per month from a small effort on your part.  Keep it simple!

Look back at Step 2, we already assigned you with two newly registered members; therefore, making your $100 per month investment breakeven.  

Any additional referrals are all Peer Profit! 

Each current paid member will only be allowed to personally refer a maximum of 48 newly paid members

If you personally refer more than 48 members those members will be assigned to someone in your downline to assist them in completing their maximum of 50.

In total each member has the potential of receiving a $14K per month bonus from a $100 per month investment.


Community Empower

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PeerLegacy Shop

ADA Comply
ADA Comply

  • Use Your Peer ID as Your Coupon Code to Receive Product for FREE
  • Avoid Lawsuits and Demand Letters
  • WCAG 2.1 AA, ADA, Section 508, EN 301549 compliance
  • 1 Domain (Existing Website Owner)
  • 1 - 100 pages
  • Automatic monthly cloud updates
  • Daily automated compliance monitoring scans
  • Up to 48 hours from installation

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Web Conferencing
Web Conferencing

  • Use Your Peer ID as Your Coupon Code to Receive Product for FREE
  • Host Live Video Meetings On Any Website
  • Host Podcast Seamlessly
  • Create Online Courses Easily
  • Record HD Quality Videos Live
  • Host Questions and Answer Sessions
  • Create Evergreen Webinars
  • Create Live Summits
  • Customize Branding
  • and many more features

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BIZ Landing Page Builder
BIZ Landing Page Builder

  • Use Your Peer ID as Your Coupon Code to Receive Product for FREE
  • High converting layout, copy, and design
  • Mobile optimized and Google compliant
  • Automatic email capture technology that delivers leads on autopilot
  • Autogenerated ads that perfectly match your lead generation pages
  • Fully compliant with Facebook and Google
  • A.I. Bot Page and Campaign Builder
  • Hosting
  • Fully Cloud-Based
  • Major Autoresponder Integration
  • Huge Library of Images and Assets
  • Compatible with 100s of Languages

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